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Search Engine Optimisation: Keyword Rank Progress

Just checking in to post a quick update on my Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Keyword Performance for the website you are viewing now (

As you quite likely know; I’ve been using the online Positionly SEO software to monitor how well my website is performing in Search Engines like Google, and I hope that by posting occasional updates on my average rank chart, I should hopefully be able to look back on my progress and see a provable track record.

In the past couple of months, I have been fine-tuning my keyword selection; to be sure that I am only using keywords which are relevant to the types of traffic I’m hoping to welcome to my website. Up until recently, given all the changes I was making, it was hard to measure any realistic progression because the average rank shifted so dramatically when altering the total number of keywords in the list.


However, all this changed recently when I decided that I would leave it be for a while and simply monitor the performance to see whether my Search Engine Optimisation was going to be a car crash or a job well done.

It seems – and I’m grateful for it – that my overall average page rank, for my specified keywords, is on the climb. I’ve always averaged between 11.0 – 15.0 although now I’m doing pretty well at 10.2! I’m pretty pleased with that. Here’s a quick graph showing my average Search Engine Result Page (SERP) listing position:

Search Engine Optimisation Progress Update for BN Freelance (

Current average at this moment in time is 10.2 / 101 keywords.

You’ll notice in the area circled, the fluctuations have really started to settle down and you can now see a visible climb in my average result listing positions. Happy days, eh?

How do you track and monitor your Search Engine Performance? Do you even bother? Let me know in the comments section!

Last Updated: 6 February, 2014 at 12:54am

Written by Ben Newton

Ben is a freelance website designer and developer and self-taught web enthusiast based in Eccles, Manchester (UK). With over 7 years experience already under his belt at the age of 23, Ben has a keen eye for detail and pixel-perfect design. Ben has worked with businesses local to Manchester, nation-wide across the UK and even further afield around the world.

3 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimisation: Keyword Rank Progress

  1. Just taking a break and decided to have a read through your blog, it’s easy to see why your SERPs are on the rise, some really good content in here. Well done :)

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