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Based in the sunny town of Eccles, Manchester (UK)

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Websites by BN Freelance Website Design and Development: Designing, Building and Hosting Sites for Salford, Eccles & Manchester!

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BN Freelance is the trading name of Ben Newton a Freelance Website Designer, Developer and Host based in Salford, Manchester. (UK)

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My lovely clients say...


Living Concepts

Daniel Willis 7/10 Ben has produced a website of high quality and accessibility. His creativity and direction along the way has created a strong website and brand identity for us. The communication throughout the process has been very clear and concise; which lead to effective decision making and progress. Having watched the website change and develop over time; the completed product is a real asset for our business.

Orange Line

Chloe Fernagut 10/10 Even by cutting Ben's estimated 8-week-deadline to 2 weeks to code a full interactive microsite (our client requested the project to be completed earlier), Ben has provided us with a terrific pixel-perfect job on time!

As a digital marketing agency, he is the best developer we've had the pleasure to work with and I would recommend him whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking for a hard-working, fast, creative, smart and highly experienced developer.

Fission Recruitment

Jonathon Steventon 10/10 After firstly contacting Ben through his website it was clear to see that he always takes the time to get in touch with new clients as soon as he can. It’s clear to see that Ben is an extremely popular Freelancer but still looks to expand his client network and provide his experienced services.

After a one to one meeting right at the start of the project myself and Ben planned out the project which allowed us to maintain a structured and organised itinerary throughout. Ben was fantastic, always keeping myself informed with what he was doing, how he was doing it and also constantly asking for my opinion.

As I completed the designs for each page, Ben had the task of turning them into a fully functional website. Its fast, clean, good looking and extremely user friendly. You can clearly see his talent for web development from our site and current portfolio.

It has been a pleasure to work with Ben, he was reliable, consistent and a great communicator throughout the web project. I look forward to be working with him in the future on more projects.

Croyde Bay Holidays

David Jones 10/10 Have worked with Ben for over two years now, he never fails to deliver, he's honest with time frames and what I like about him the most; he isn't a story teller like so many web designers!

Website Project

Sebastian Ereira 10/10 Working with Ben is a pleasure. He always goes out of his way to ensure a job gets done and I love the fact he replies back to every email quickly!
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My recent blog posts...

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Ben Newton | BN Freelance - Website Design, Development SEO & Hosting in Eccles, Salford and Manchester!

Ben Newton

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It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide me with a few extra details about your project, budget and scope. This will help me to be sure I can offer you the best possible price in my quote.

Web Design Search Engine Optimisation
Web Development Standard POP3/IMAP Mail
Web Hosting Microsoft Exchange Mail
Domain Names Graphic Design
Ongoing Maintenance Online Marketing/AdWords
Social Network Presence Visitor Traffic Analytics
PageSpeed Improvements Content Mgmt. System
Blog Setup/Installation Wordpress Theme Design
Full eCommerce Solution Simple PayPal Checkout
SSL Secure Certificate Plugin/API Integration
Print (business cards, flyers, posters, project folders, letterheads etc) Promotional Merchandise (mugs, iPhone cases, mouse mats, branded soft-drinks etc)

BN Freelance: Web Design Manchester

If you're searching for a freelance web designer to handle your web design or development project - hopefully you might consider me...

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Find out more about Ben Newton, the mind behind BN Freelance
Who is Ben Newton?
Hey, thanks for asking! My name is Ben Newton, I was born and raised in a little place called Eccles in Manchester, UK. I'm a self-taught CSSstronaut and web enthusiast with a passion for pixel-perfect and creative design. I run my own little freelance business, and have done now for a while. I enjoy the benefits of working for myself; and the commitment it allows me to put into my work is next-level!

Website design for me hasn't been something that I decided to learn over-night. In fact, I remember way back 14 years time ago, when I was introduced to website design for the first time. My friend was building his own website for a computer game we used to play, and from that moment on - it was something I had to be able to do. Since then, an ambition became a hobby, which became a job, which became self-employment and now - hopefully - it means I've found a career for life.

Learn more about the website design, development and hosting services I offer.
BN Freelance Services
Although primarily a freelance web designer, I offer a wide variety of multimedia services to individuals, start-ups and businesses looking to be noticed - online and offline.

Web Design & Development

Website design and development is what wakes me up in the morning, and it's what I love to do (even in my spare time). So, I'd be glad to help improve your online presence.

I craft websites primarily with XHTML/HTML(5), JavaScript/jQuery, PHP and CSS(3). I also sometimes work with powerful web-authoring platforms such as WordPress which is perfect if you want to be able to easily update your content yourself (which most website owners are doing nowadays!). If a bespoke solution would be more to your liking, I can create custom Content Management Systems (CMS) if tools like WordPress are too bulky for purpose.

I provide professional looking results and for a much friendlier price than visiting the 'big boys' in the office. So, if you're looking for a website, or a project to be completed, no matter what your budget, please use the quote form - and we can get the ball rolling to discuss your brief!

Website Hosting, VPSes and Dedicated Servers

I'm a dedicated and partnered reseller for Heart Internet, so I'm able to offer my clients industry-leading, bespoke and professional hosting packages - all provided, supported and housed by the UK's best web host.

Standard/Business Hosting Packages
Whether you have a business looking to invest in superior hosting or a tight budget when launching a website for the first time - we have a package to suit.

Virtual Private Servers
For websites that demand more in terms of speed and performance. Owning your own virtual private server can vastly improve website load times.

Dedicated Servers
For very large or extremely demanding applications; our dedicated servers offer an unmatched performance.

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is the web address that your audience and/or customers will use to find your website online in their browser. Typically, businesses in the UK opt for either a .com or domain. These are perhaps the most popular of them all, although there are thousands of alternatives to chose from.

Your very own .com domain for just £9.99 per year.

Your very own domain for just £5.59 per year.

Coming soon for Summer 2014, anyone who owns a domain name will have first-dibs on the new .UK domains announced by Nominet.

eCommerce Solutions / Payment Gateways

Selling products online and accepting payments is becoming more essential for businesses wanting to really maximise the profits and return on any website project investment. It's a great feature to allow your customers to purchase products directly from you, or send you money in a secure manner.

eCommerce solutions don't have to cost the earth either. Whether you need a simple PayPal buy-now button, or a bespoke and complex shopping cart - I can help you set this up. I'll be more than happy to discuss your options and help you to determine which solution would be most cost effective for your budget.

You might also be in need of an online booking system, for restaurant or holiday reservation purposes - or even a simple way for your clients to send you money for a service you have provided via an internet connection.

Search Engine Optimisation

In today's modern web-search era, search engine optimisation is still the holy grail that can either make or break your website. No matter how kick-ass your content, if your website isn't bringing in traffic; all of your efforts and money will have gone to waste.

Search Engine Optimisation takes the need to bring in a constant stream of traffic and makes it a reality. By properly formatting your markup, including microformats and meta data, and improving page load speed; we can start to improve your Search Engine appearances.

Organic traffic - when a website visitor discovers your site naturally via a search engine - is highly likely to contribute toward a better visitor to sales conversion rate. I also use kick-ass SEO analytic tools that can measure search engine performance and keyword success - you may want to check them out for yourself and sign up for a free trial!

Website Maintenance & Content Updates

A good portion of my clients come from non-technical backgrounds and might not be particularly savvy when it comes to being a web master.

As it's very easy to get your online presence wrong, or miss something vital off your site - resulting in a loss in traffic/revenue - some of my clients like to subscribe to a monthly maintenance agreement; where a minimum number of hours per month will be spent performing updates and general maintenance.

This is particularly useful if you don't have the time or man-power to commit the hours to regularly do it yourself. I offer various cost-effective ways of hiring me as a web master to help grow your website.

Of course, if your site uses Wordpress or similar - it's very easy to update content by yourself.

Promotional Merchandise & Products

On top of my typical printing services I also really like to promote my clients businesses in the most unique and eye-catching ways. Clients who chose to have their own bespoke promotional merchandise made often receive very positive feedback from customers.

Here's a list of some of the promotional merchandise which you can have your brand printed or embroidered onto:

Body-Warmer Hoody T-Shirt
Mug iPhone Case iPad Case
Keyring Hi-Vis Vest Portfolio Folders
Photo Frame CD Case Mousemat
Business Card Holder Jigsaw Wall-mounted Clock

Logo Design

I offer a range of tiered-quotes based on the amount of hours required for any particular logo brief. I usually work by-the-hour on logo projects so that we can fine-tune the design to your liking.

Document Artwork / General Graphics

I'm pretty versed in using the Adobe Creative Suite (which includes Photoshop and Illustrator). So, I'm confident producing a wide variety of graphics and artwork for almost any situation you could throw at me.

I can design business documents such as letterheads, business cards, banners, website adverts, leaflets and more. Whilst I can also create bespoke illustrations or vector artwork if requested.

Please let me know if you have any specific design requirements and I'll be happy to discuss these with you.
Online Web & Multimedia Services
Website Design & Development Website Hosting and Servers Domain Name Registration
eCommerce & Online Payment Search Engine Optimisation Ongoing Site Maintenance

Offline Multimedia & Marketing
Promotional Merchandise Logo, Artwork & Graphic Design

Find out who might benefit from BN Freelance Website Design's Services
Who might benefit?
If you're a company, an individual or even a start-up business in Eccles, Salford, Manchester or beyond - I'd love to help you grow your online business. My website design services may not be the cheapest quote you will receive but I pride myself on offering affordable, realistic and exceptional quality for value and next-level attention to detail.

As you can appreciate - choosing who to pick as your website designer can be a wary process. You might not be sure about what you're getting yourself in for, or understand the crazy computer jargon that web-nerds use. Please don't panic, you're in safe hands. I have the BN Freelance Project Process (.PDF ~169KB)
you can read which explains the steps involved. You can be confident that I'll look after the entire project from A-Z, explain all of your options and most importantly I will ensure you have a website to be proud of at the end.

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